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Full Service Oil Change

$29.95 $52.95 $69.95

You will receive a complete oil, lube and tire pressue check/set along with a check and fill of all your vehicle's fluids.

Other Services

We offer a variety of services, please call our Airport Highway location, (419) 867-1668, for current pricing.

Service Service Description
Oil System Cleaner Run through your system prior to receiving an oil change. The chemical dissolves sludge and varnish left behind between oil changes. (Good to use if you are overdue for an oil change.)
Fuel System Cleaner Fuel Additive used to exchange gas mileage.
Headlights and Bulbs Replace bad bulbs.
Wiper Blades New wipers installed.
PCV Valves New PCV installed. Helps maintain better gas mileage.
Air Filters New air filer installed. Helps maintain better gas mileage.
A/C Service Fill specifies A/C refrigerant. (Most vehicles $100.00 or less)

Fleet/Charge Accounts

Business fleet accounts and large multiple vehicle accounts available. Call our main office for special pricing at (419) 893-1406.